The passion . for . wine company founded in 2015, and has been providing quality consultancy, PR, marketing & communication to wineries from all around the world ever since. Located in Wendlingen a. N. a tiny little town in the south of Germany, passion . for . wine is a 2 men – show, with Lotte Karolina Gabrovits [MSc. Double Degree Horticulture {focus: Viticulture & Oenology}; MA. International Wine Marketing; current IMW student] as CEO & Pál Gabrovits, BSc. Software Engineer & offers a whole bunch of awesome things for a community (may it be private people or companies) with a passion . for . wine.

There are no limits of languages, regions & cultures, passion . for . wine is offering its services all around the globe.

You make a great choice with passion . for . wine if you:

  • want to learn more about wine & get the wine experience
  • want to explore wine first hand in the place where it is grown
  • need new concepts to promote your wines/winery/brand…
  • or if you just need a helping hand with any kind of promotion may it be online or offline
  • need advice of how to build up a bigger audience/more consumers
  • are looking for new visuals for your webpage, magazines or booklets

Your key to success:

individual . tastings . seminars . tours . events . management . marketing . concept . social media . life . promotion . visuals . photography . communication . globally . simply . passion . for . wine

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